CDI Announces New Agent Language Locator Service

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) has announced development of an online language locator service, which will be available through their website. This service will allow potential clients to search for insurance agents and brokers who speak their language and who also operate in their selected city.

The Agent Language Locator Service is sure to be successful in bringing in business for you. However, CDI’s database is not yet prepared for the service’s launch. They need brokers and agents who speak languages other than English to register themselves on the CDI website.

Dickerson recommends you register to participate in this new service. As an agency with a multi-lingual (in 11 languages) staff, we believe that everyone deserves access to health care, regardless of what language they speak.

CDI has built a secure online portal on their website for agents and brokers to enter the languages they can speak fluently. The list will also tell consumers your business telephone numbers, your business addresses and it will provide links to your license status through CDI. This information will be accessible to the public so that consumers can find you on their own. For better ease of access, this service will be accessible from both mobile devices and desktop computers.

The process for registering is simple, and it is clearly explained in the CDI’s written announcement of the program. Click here to download a pdf of the announcement.

For further assistance, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive.