Dickerson Individual Market

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Dickerson Individual Market is an exclusive Multi-Carrier, Multi-Product Market that gives you and your clients access to affordable Accident Insurance,Critical Illness/Cancer, AD&D, Hospital, Funeral Expense, Limited Medical Plan, Short-Term Medical, TeleHealth, Rx Savings Card and Dental products.

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Please email your questions to individualins@dickerson-group.com or call our Individual Plan Specialists at 323-805-2901.

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

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Recorded Webinars and Past Events


Dickerson Individual Market Introduction presentation 11-16-16

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Become A Certified Healthshare Advisor 10-24-17

View Presentation 10-24-17

How to Cross-Sell Accident, Critical Illness and Life 10-18-17

View Presentation 10-18-17

Oscar OE 2018 Update 10-17-17

View Presentation 10-17-17

How to Turn ACA Market Changes into Opportunity this Open Enrollment 10-11-17

View Presentation 10-11-17

Aliera: New Agent Orientation Webinar 9-12-17

View Presentation 9-12-17

Aliera Health Care Sharing Ministry Plan, Exempt ACA Alternative Plan 9-12-17

View Presentation 9-12-17

Webinar OneCare 8-30-17

View Presentation 8-30-17

Ancillary Products for the Medicare Market: How To Cross-Sell Ancillary Coverage 8-30-17

View Presentation 8-30-17

Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Plans 8-23-17

View Presentation 8-23-17

Aliera Orientation 8-22-17

View Presentation 8-22-17

Aliera Health Care Sharing Ministry Plan 8-22-17

View Presentation 8-22-17

Great Products and Top Comp with Cigna Supplemental 8-16-17

View Presentation 8-16-17

Cigna Medicare Supplemental 8-16-17

View Presentation 8-16-17

Aliera Orientation 8-15-17

View Presentation 8-15-17

Aliera Health Care Sharing Ministry Plan 8-15-17

View Presentation 8-15-17

IHC (Independence Holding Co.) Care Access Plan 8-9-17

View Presentation 8-9-17

Foresters Simplified Term Life Insurance 8-3-17

View Presentation 8-3-17

Transamerica Simplified Term Life Insurance 8-2-17

View Presentation 8-2-17

Medi-Share: New HealthCare Sharing Ministry Plan 7-26-17

View Presentation 7-26-17

New! Peterson Guaranteed Issue Short-Term Medical 7-19-17

View Presentation 7-19-17

Aliera Health Care Sharing Ministry Plan 7-13-17

View Presentation 7-13-17

GAC – As Much as $25,000 in 24-Hour Accident Coverage:

How to Quote, Enroll and Manage Your Book of Business Online 6-14-17

View Presentation 6-14-17

SASid – Limited Medical with Year-Round Enrollment Webinar 6-7-17

View Presentation 6-7-17

Surebridge/CLICO – Multiple Products with 1 Monthly Draft Webinar 5-31-17

View Presentation 5-31-17

How to Start Selling Medicare Webinar 5-17-17

View Presentation 5-17-17

GAC Accident Medical Expense and Sickness & Accident Webinar 5-10-17

View Presentation 5-10-17

CLICO Life Insurance and Final Expense Webinar 5-3-17

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Accident and Critical Illness Coverage Webinar 4-19-17

Download and Print 4-19-17

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CLICO Supplemental Products Webinar 4-12-17

Download and Print 4-12-17

Short-Term Medical and Limited Benefits Plans Webinar 4-5-17

Download and Print 4-5-17

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Products, Strategies and Tools: Dickerson Individual Market Webinar 3-29-17

Download and Print 3-29-17

View presentation 3-29-17