Medicare Appointments

Medicare is a door-opener product that grows your client base.

Adding Medicare to your portfolio can help you grow your business and better serve your clients!

When you work with us, you'll receive:
  • Full commissions
  • Personalized training and support
  • Nation's most desired contracts including Scan
  • Contracting and cerification assistance
  • Access to enroll Medicare clients over the phone
  • Exclusive marketing programs

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Why Offer Medicare Plans?

Why Offer Medicare Plans? Renewals…renewals…renewals! STOP referring YOUR clients to other agents, ten thousand people turn 65 each day! Medicare is a door-opener product and grows your client base!

Margarita Slater, Enrollment Specialist

Margarita Slater
Enrollment Specialist
(909) 762-1043

Enroll clients electronically via phone and email! Enjoy the benefits of a personal relationship with your clients without the travel time!


• Increase # of Appointments Per Day!
• Expand Geographic Selling Area!
• Never Lose a Last-Minute Enrollment!
• Avoid Wasting Time in Traffic!
• 100% Compliant

• Enrolls Clients in Medicare Plans
• Quote & Compare Plans
• Look-up Plan Providers & Formularies
• Works on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet
• Collects/Stores SOAs & Apps 10+ years